What Yoda Can Teach us About Application Quality Management

It’s no Jedi mind trick! 10 black holes to avoid for successful application delivery

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Whitepaper Overview

A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away, the very first CHAOS Report published by the Standish Group generated worldwide attention by its claim that 40 percent of IT projects failed and that these failings were costing the US economy 140 billion dollars each year. Ten years later, matters had improved somewhat with only half as many projects failing, but worryingly 53 percent were late, over-budget or not meeting their objectives. Now, within a mere five years, the number of failed projects is back on the rise, the 2009 Standish Group CHAOS report indicates that nearly 25 percent of projects are doomed.

The quality of application delivery is at the heart of many of the challenges faced in IT projects, and this paper reviews some of the most common pitfalls and pain points that often beset development projects. With the help of Yoda, Obi Wan and others from the Star Wars cast, we will learn how best to avoid these challenges and deliver your projects on time, on budget and most importantly with quality.

This white paper, aimed primarily at QA Management, addresses the challenges of software testing within QA and the impact it has on the business. It attempts to outline the main benefits of test automation in conjunction with good software testing processes, whilst highlighting the negative impact current market-dominating products have in the application quality process.

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