Testers Do Not Grow on Trees!

Exploring the continued reliance on manual testing in software quality and asks if there’s a way to make it less manual?

Whitepaper Overview

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QA departments around the world continue to rely on manual processes for 80% or more of their software testing. Indeed in many places no automation is carried out at all.

Why is this? Testing is almost always perceived as the main bottleneck in any application delivery timeline, and it is universally agreed that manual testing can be time consuming, laborious, repetitive, and costly.

With all this negativity seemingly aimed at manual testing, why is it still the mainstay of application development quality assurance?

This white paper looks in more detail at manual testing, and attempts to understand why it is still so prevalent in such an automated age. Finally, as we all know testers do not grow on trees, we will ask if the business can tackle the issue of manual testing in a different way other than the traditional response of throwing more resources at it.

And as it happens, it can.

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