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Original Software conducted a qualitative opinion survey of senior IT executives and CIOs from organizations with an average annual revenue of $5.8 billion and an average IT budget of $764 million.

This survey took place at the Richmond Events 2008 CIO Forum onboard the Cruise Ship ‘Norwegian Dawn’ out of New York City.

Key Points:

Only having 6% of the survey completely satisfied with their software test automation tools is a sad indictment for those vendors involved, although not completely surprising.

  • There is strong agreement that technology is having a profound positive impact on all business processes, however the number of companies in a position to truly harness this technology for their own competitive advantage is small.
  • The three most important management challenges facing respondents are cost reduction, budget management and integration/consolidation.
  • The top three technical issues facing respondents are virtualization, application consolidation and server consolidation.
  • There is a strong divide as to whether software quality processes are deemed important to the business.
  • Undoubtedly software quality issues are gaining more executive mindshare due to boardroom focus on issues such as compliance and the significant investment in quality systems.
  • High quality applications are sighted as the main driver for purchasing automation tools but the vast majority admitted to not being happy with their purchase.
  • There is recognition of more options for resourcing testing with outsourcing of software quality processes on the agenda for over half of respondents.
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