Navigating Your Way Through the SAP Testing Jungle

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Download PDF Navigating Your Way Through the SAP Testing Jungle There’s no denying it – SAP systems are complex, very often business-critical and are the heartbeat of many companies. If you run your business on SAP, you rely on it to receive orders, ship products, invoice customers, control financials, manage human resources and do so much more.

Such a complex web of SAP modules, integrations, configurations and extensions is akin to the intricate nature of the world’s tropical rainforests and jungles, where the unruly and lawless setting leads a ‘survival of the fittest’ philosophy.

Your only protection against failure or downtime, and the subsequent impact it can have on the business, is a robust quality assurance process within your own SAP testing jungle. Effective SAP testing has to be a vital part of your strategy, elevating it from a tactical function to a strategic and critical process for the business. This approach will not only minimise downtime, but will also protect the value of your SAP implementation to the business.

This SAP testing ‘Original Insight’ has been put together to help you survive, adapt, and thrive in the SAP testing of your complex SAP eco-system. Join Original Software, as we take you on a quick safari expedition on how to survive in the SAP testing jungle and avoid the common dangers of dehydration, crocodile attacks and threat of malaria!

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