Meeting Strategic IT Challenges Through Improved Software Quality

A CIO White Paper

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Download PDF Meeting Strategic IT Challenges Through Improved Software Quality: A CIO Whitepaper

Most IT executives agree that any company that is able to rapidly deliver software applications of a consistently high quality within minimum budgets will enjoy significant competitive advantage.

However, despite this, it is generally accepted that the challenges surrounding software quality remain untouched. Testing is still perceived as a huge bottleneck. Despite vast sums having been spent on big branded automation tools, the large majority of testing is still carried out manually.

Because testing is still so inefficient, it invariably accounts for a unacceptably large portion of a project’s time and budget. But it’s not just a time and money thing; poor software quality can adversely affect brand, customer perception, employee morale and the ability of your organisation to comply with regulatory legislation. Software quality is serious business, but what can be done to improve the situation?

By improving quality processes so they are less resource hungry, more efficient and more effective, it is possible to weeks of effort and costs from a project deadline. At the same time you will substantially increase the chances of the project’s success and build a healthy reputation for delivering applications that are increasingly stable with each release.

In this white paper, we address these and other key issues related to the improvement of software quality and show that not only can these challenges be surmounted, but that a significant, tangible financial benefit can be realized in the process.

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