Lets Talk User Acceptance Testing Part8

UAT stuck in the 20th century?


UAT is ripe for improvement but it won’t happen until businesses recognize both its importance and that there is an alternative to the unattractive status quo. We regularly get contacted by companies who believe that test automation is the best way to lighten the UAT load. This is a laudable approach so what’s my beef? When we engage with many companies to understand their current processes we often discover a situation that encompasses chaos and anarchy.

Test automation can speed many things but I’m not sure why anyone would want chaos and anarchy any sooner than necessary! If use and test cases are only partially documented, where are the candidates for automation? Who will be executing the tests that automation cannot address? Where are all the test results to be stored and how do we efficiently communicate defects back to the developers?

UAT needs a strong Quality Management platform to plan, control, and monitor progress and to consistently, completely, capture the results of every test. Qualify is increasingly recognized as the definitive platform for application quality management, whether deployed on the desktop or the web. Couple this with TestDrive-UAT that tracks every manual UAT execution and captures every detail of the test and you have almost a complete solution.

Only ‘almost’, Colin?

The missing element is automation. Once you have a complete set of use and test cases and full results captured in TestDrive-UAT you are in an ideal place to start implementing test automation. Like everything, test automation needs planning and some dedicated resources, but done well it’s a game-changer.

So why are so many companies stuck in the 20th century?

Like most things, this frequently comes down to money, or in the case of UAT who funds the improvement. The business sees this as an IT problem while IT doesn’t see why they should spend their budget on the business when they have one of their own.

And finally …

We have both agreed that the challenges and importance of a professional UAT program cannot be under-estimated. It is critical to the business as the results of the UAT must drive the Go/No Go decision on whether to roll-out the application. If you’d like to know more, then either pick up the phone or visit OrigSoft.com where you’ll find much more than we could include in this paper and the chance to download and evaluate TestDrive-UAT for yourself.

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