Lets Talk User Acceptance Testing Part7

Defects best reported by e-mail?



Let me take this subject, as having run many UAT phases, it is close to my heart.
The challenge is that the majority of the resources performing UAT are not part of IT, have typically not been trained in testing and have little appreciation that how well they report an apparent defect is a major factor in how long it will take to fix.

So while a business user doing the testing will probably take a screen shot when they encounter a problem and will briefly describe what they were attempting, they miss so much of the vital information. The first step in fixing a defect is to reproduce it and while the list is a little daunting, let me detail what a developer potentially needs:

The Test

  • Data pack in use
  • All steps prior to the defect being encountered
  • The exact details of the UI interactions and their sequence
  • Timings between each steps to determine if application performance was a factor


  • PC hardware specification
  • Operating system version and patch level
  • Relevant communication and database driver versions
  • Browser and version

Hopefully our readers can appreciate the extent of the gap between what the developer needs and what the tester delivers. I think this is why Original’s TestDrive-UAT is such a game-changer.

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