Lets Talk User Acceptance Testing Part4

The business wants to help?


Let me lead off on this one as it’s an area where I’ve seen an incredibly wide range of attitudes and I think the maturity of the organization has a lot to do with it. If there is an understanding that a new application will deliver significant benefits to the business and particularly to the teams who will use it, then in most cases, while the distraction from their day jobs is not welcomed, the larger picture will prevail and the UAT challenge will be professionally embraced.

However there have been several occasions in my career when a new application version is primarily technical as we’ve seen with some of the recent Oracle EBS releases. In these cases, where there is little apparent or immediate upside for the business, it is much more difficult to get them to dedicate the necessary resources.

Do you have lessons to share in these circumstances?

For sure and it’s an area where technology can make a big difference. What I realized was that if the end user functionality is largely unaltered then you don’t need the business subject matter experts to execute the tests as long as you properly documented their efforts in the previous release. That is what makes Original’s TestDrive-UAT such a powerful tool as it captures a complete picture of the previous UAT round.

We can do better that that Jim. If you’ve completely captured the results from the previous release UAT phase then you have a perfect set of test case candidates that can be rapidly converted to full test automation.

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