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Your business needs its IT team to rapidly deliver new applications and enhancements that will provide tangible business benefit and enhance every aspect of the value proposition. That is a demanding objective to achieve given the finite resources available to IT and the ever-increasing complexity of applications, infrastructure, and supported devices.

Implicit within this objective is the expectation that the new or upgraded applications will perform in line with the business requirements. Equally that they will not expose the business to an unacceptable level of risk through their implementations.

The objective poses additional challenges depending on how the application is acquired. If it is a custom development, then it is easier to place quality gates throughout the entire development lifecycle but this is balanced by the higher level of defects expected in a custom development. In contrast, most major applications are purchased or consumed in the cloud. Here you can expect a lower level of defects but you can only put quality gates in place in the
final stages of a project, once the application is available to you.

Industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester encourage IT teams ‘to shift quality left’, towards the developers where the cost of correcting a defect is much lower. While this is a logical approach it ignores the fact that for purchased or consumed business applications shifting left simply is not possible. Moreover, these applications are owned by the business and the burden of risk management and quality implementations falls on the business. OriginalSoftware focuses on business-driven quality and our products are designed to embrace the widest possible audience including those whose skills lie in their business knowledge rather than technology. Equally our holistic view of quality embraces every aspect from quality management, testing and test data through to documentation and training materials.

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