The Business Benefits of Software Test Automation

How to get the most out of your test automation investment

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Poor software quality is costing industry billions of dollars in lost revenue and higher costs. It also has a negative effect on corporate reputation and branding and can even lead to court cases and legislation. In short, software quality is vital to the welfare of your organization. Yet, still software quality takes a back seat with minimal investment in technology, process, training or education to ensure that everything possible is being done to ensure applications are of the highest quality possible.

Software test automation carries the potential to revolutionize your testing process. By automating many testing tasks, organizations could benefit in numerous ways: financially, an improved reputation, highly motivated staff and happy customers.

This white paper, aimed primarily at IS and QA Management, attempts to outline the main benefits of test automation as well as looking at the costs of poor quality software. Finally, assuming you are bought into the concept of automating your quality process, there is a list of questions you may want to ask any prospective automation vendor to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


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