The Battle for Software Quality

A guide to conquering the challenges and becoming victorious

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At the CIO level, a potent mixture of restricted budgets, aggressive timelines, and businesses seeking a competitive advantage through new technologies, increase the pressure and risk associated with managing high profile initiatives.

Executive boards are challenging CIOs to conceive and deliver strategic initiatives that will in turn provide competitive advantage and future business benefits. These will involve projects such as re-engineering existing systems, implementing new technologies, upgrading core vendor packages to current releases, delivering business driven enhancements, and enhancements mandated by legislation.

A cold hard look at these projects will reveal a common and sizeable component: testing. When all of the testing elements are added together (requirements, unit, system, QA, regression, UAT), they account for a minimum of 30% of total project time and can account for as much as 75% (based on our own studies). Which ever way you cut it, testing is a significant activity in application development.

In this white paper, we address these and other key issues related to the improvement of software quality and show that not only can these challenges be surmounted, but that a significant, tangible financial benefit can be realized in the process.

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