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A Tester’s Winter Tale


With a focus on test automation software, this seasonal ‘Original Insight’, aimed primarily at QA Management, borrows the story of the Grinch and highlights the challenges of software testing and the damage that can be done if the business gambles with software quality. read more

Anarchy in the QA


This white paper looks at the issues surrounding software quality, understanding corporate attitudes and pinpoints the distinct advantages to getting software quality right (and the problems that can arise if things go wrong). read more

Meeting Strategic IT Challenges Through Improved Software Quality


A CIO White Paper: Looks at key issues related to the improvement of software quality showing that, not only can these challenges be surmounted, but also that a significant, tangible financial benefit can be realized in the process. read more

Navigating Your Way Through the SAP Testing Jungle


This ‘Original Insight’ has been put together to help you figure out how to survive, adapt, and thrive in the testing of your complex SAP eco-system. Join Original Software, as we take you on a quick safari expedition on how to survive in the SAP testing jungle and avoid the common dangers of dehydration, crocodile attacks and threat of malaria! read more

Software Quality and Testing Survey


Original Software conducted a qualitative opinion survey of senior IT executives and CIOs from organisations with an average annual revenue of $5.8 billion and an average IT budget of $764 million. This survey took place at the Richmond Events 2008 CIO Forum. read more

Software Testing Lifecycle


The Software Testing Poster can help guide you through the entire software testing lifecycle with tips to ensure your projects are a success.. Get yours today

St. Valentine’s Data Massacre


Discover more about the data massacre and learn how to ensure data security, integrity & validity during software development. read more

Test Data Strategies For Application Testing


A guide that explores strategies and techniques which have been used to improve both test efficiency and software quality for applications based on iSeries, Oracle and SQL Databases, utilizing methods to create, manage and validate test databases. read more

Testers Do Not Grow on Trees!


Exploring the continued reliance on manual testing in software quality and asks if there’s a way to make it less manual? read more

The Battle for Software Quality


At the CIO level, a potent mixture of restricted budgets, aggressive timelines, and businesses seeking a competitive advantage through new technologies, increase the pressure and risk associated with managing high profile initiatives. In this whitepaper, we shall look at the issues related to the improvement of software quality and show that not only can these challenges be surmounted, but that a significant, tangible financial benefit can be won in the process. read more


Free business process documentation tool open to 5 private sector organisations in the USA and a further five in the UK, with a minimum of 1,000 employees.

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