When you drive your car, do you write code?

By George Wilson

You are providing input and instructions and internal code is making the car do many of the things you want it to do (ok, maybe not the steering thankfully!). So, I suppose in your analogy you are coding your car to do what you want. You understand the language – Turn the key to start it. Select a gear. Press the accelerator pedal. I suppose you could say that is programming the car with instructions, but I don’t think most people would consider it that way.

“Clutch..mouse click…breaks!”

When you use MS word, you input data, press buttons and use keys to achieve what you want. You are providing instructions. Programming? Code runs, but not code you wrote.

When you use Original software’s, TestDrive automation solution, you provide instructions for what you want it to do. You do not need to know any programming language because you are not writing code. Quite a lot of our users are business users and functional testers. They are not writing code, they don’t know how and they don’t want to.

We can put code and functions into TestDrive, but the classic example of this would be to check that two values taken from the screen added together equal another value either somewhere else on the screen, in the database or in a spreadsheet. This has to be expressed in a code-like way, such as: IF A + B <> C THEN raise error “Value is wrong”.

But there is no code to get the values A, B, or C, to navigate the AUT to the places where these are captured, to provide the input to drive the application, to get the content and properties of any of the data or controls or to deal with the fact that things may be displayed in a different order.

But, the main point about all of this is productivity. No code to learn means a wider audience and applicability. It means no code to debug or fix. It means no code to maintain when the application changes, which means that automated testing can carry on without waiting for someone to fix scripts. It is just a much more modern and productive approach. It will become the norm.

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