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Learn how Original Software revolutionised the speed and quality of application and website changes

“Quality management now operates as a partnership, with both of these key areas of the business as stakeholders. Original Software solutions reinforce our view that accountability iscritical for success”  

Rick Hindman, Chief Information Technology Officer, IPERS

” We expect that Gabriel will be able to automate 80-90% of our M3 testing with the solutions from Original Software. the savings will be massive – both in terms of money and the time our super users need to spend on testing” 

Steffen Westergaard, IT Project Manager Gabriel A/S

“I would recommend this as great way to accelerate an upgrade. It keeps costs down, enables business and project people to spend less time in manual validation, and focuses effort on areas of change. It has reduced risk for Marston’s ” 
Phil Court, Head of Information Systems, Marston’s

“Our client – vendor relationship with our primary software providerhas been transformed. Specifically, defect process times have been slashed, from identification to resolution.”

  Martin Moen, Deputy CIO – IPERS 


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