Why Test Automation Fails Part 2,Correcting the Approach

New Video: Watch Part Two of Why Test Automation fails

Why Does Test Automation Fail?

Part One highlighted the importance of Test Automation and describe why this is failing, both in theory and in practice.Want to watch Part One? Click here
Part Two- Correcting the Approach
The testing department must ramp up on the test automation process and the prep-work analysis that needs to be done including when to start, how to structure the tests, and what system to start with. Jim Trentadue will expand on these areas, along with reviewing the key failure areas from the previous webinar. Finally, he explains how to correct the approach in each troubled area.

Learn how to respond to these common challenges by developing a solid business case for increased automation adoption by engaging manual testers in the testing department, being technology agnostic, and stabilizing test scripts regardless of applications changes.

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