What’s stopping your M3 upgrade?

Infor are continuing to invest heavily in M3 functionality as one of their flagship platforms. A fact which means that there will continue to be a stream, if not a torrent of enhancements, new features and of course some patches.

For some people this prospect will be exciting, but for many involved in the process of delivering these changes it might even be slightly depressing because it comes with the realisation that upgrades, enhancements and patches can take substantial effort and planning. This creates an undesirable latency as all groups consider the upcoming disruption, cost, time and effort associated with the project.

The largest part of this project will be validation and testing. The percentage of this effort against the overall project is likely to be between 40% and 70%, and may involve multiple cycles – a clear opportunity for some automation. The fact that most M3 users are still performing this manually, with only a few organisations having implemented solutions to deliver this time saving goal, indicates that there are real & perceived barriers to this ‘silver bullet’.

This webinar looks at these barriers and discusses what methods some organisations have used to overcome them. It will consider the process of implementing changes to M3 (and other applications), and how these can be adapted to achieve better adoption by the business with less effort and lower cost.

Take just 30 mins to watch the recording or download the slides and see for yourself

What’s stopping you…?

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