Navigating your Way Through the SAP Testing Jungle

SAP Testing Jungle

Watch this video on the webinar: Navigating your Way Through the SAP Testing Jungle

Such a complex web of SAP modules, integrations, configurations and extensions is akin to the intricate nature of the world’s tropical rainforests and jungles, where the unruly and lawless setting leads a ‘survival of the fittest’ philosophy.

If your organization is about to embark on an implementation, upgrade or a patch, wouldn’t you want to know how to survive, adapt, and thrive in the SAP testing of your complex SAP eco-system?

Effective SAP testing has to be a vital part of your strategy, elevating it from a tactical function to a strategic and critical process for the business.This approach will not only minimise downtime, but will also protect the value of your SAP project to the business.

Click on the links below to access this great webinar content and learn how to increase coverage and ensure the best possible software quality and reliability for the business.
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