How to Handle HANA


Migrating to S/4 HANA – It’s a big project.

Why? Because every time you introduce a new module almost all of the rest is impacted and requires (re)testing and it will be like starting from scratch again and again.

But don’t let it give you a headache. Watch the video.

The largest part of this project (perhaps as much as 60%) is the recurring need to validate, without which there will be gaps and exposure to risk.
Our solutions enable you to create a fully automated, reusable, repeatable set of assets to take the pain out of this essential validation and testing exercise.
Designed to be used by non-technical testers and business users, they do not rely on coding skills and enable rapid creation of manual and robust automated tests.

Spend 30 minutes ​and watch us share how our targeted solutions will help you deliver success faster and with less risk.

In partnership with Proceed Group Rightsizing for SAP HANA streamlines the data you put into HANA, to ensure it runs simply, powerfully and efficiently.

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