Agile Test Automation – Truth, Oxymoron or Lie?

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It can be confusing for everyone in an agile team to understand when or what to test, when there isn’t a test phase or any formal documented requirements. Whatever your agile methodology, projects require a change in the way QA and development work together. The use of technology and automation are much more difficult and finding a practical approach to testing is critical for successful agile projects.

George Wilson explores how testing in agile is different and gives pragmatic advice to ensure that application quality, within an agile environment, isn’t compromised. Discussions on the techniques for quickly getting control of manual testing and progressing to automated testing in agile will leave you with fresh thinking to resolve or prevent any testing dysfunctions in your agile teams.

We have made the presentation slides available for download, along with a link to our Original Insight on this topic. Just click on the boxes below.

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