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No more than an hour in length, these informative sessions have attempted to cut through some of the myths and hype that currently surround the software testing industry.

To listen to the recordings on any of our webinars, just follow the links below.

If your requirement is urgent or you want to see our solutions in more detail then we can arrange for you to have a one-to-one demonstration.

On-Demand Webinars

Testing SAP Applications – a Roadmap for Success

Upgrades, enhancements and patches take substantial effort and planning and with the 2025 deadline for moving to HANA looming, its never too early to start the process.

This 20 minute presentation looks at the Who, Why, Where, When and How of testing your next SAP upgrade, patch or greenfield implementation.

Webinar-How to have happy users at the end of your Oracle upgrade

Upgrades, enhancements and patches take substantial effort and planning.

Everyone we speak to involves business users in their testing – and they don’t typically relish the process. The work is tedious and repetitive but if they are being inefficient and making mistakes you are adding costs.

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Webinar – Making M3 users happy with an upgrade

Upgrades, enhancements and patches take substantial effort and planning.

We will look at the barriers and methods some organisations use to overcome them, as well as the process of implementing changes to M3 and, by adapting them, how to achieve happy business users with less effort and lower cost.

In just 30 minutes you’ll get an appreciation of how much more time you could be saving going forward.

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Quality Management & Testing 75% Faster

Register for this Webinar Thursday 14th December 9am CST, 3pm GMT

Worried about the move to S4/HANA or the next upgrade, patch or rollout?

There is a solution that can help you deliver a high quality outcome to your SAP project while accelerating the process and optimising resources.
You can realise significant cost savings.

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SAP upgrade or roll-out? It’s ok, the users will test it…. But how do you sell quality to your bosses?

In theory, investing in an SAP application brings a slew of benefits, such as reduced development costs and reduced headcount, improved functionality and features that reflect all the latest technology advancements. This results in even greater financial significance being given to your core SAP platform.

Given the added value to the business, there is also a question of who benefits more, business users or IT?

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What’s stopping your M3 upgrade?

Infor are continuing to invest heavily in M3 functionality as one of their flagship platforms. A fact which means that there will continue to be a stream, if not a torrent of enhancements, new features and of course some patches.

For some people this prospect will be exciting, but for many involved in the process of delivering these changes it might even be slightly depressing because it comes with the realisation that upgrades, enhancements and patches can take substantial effort and planning.

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Automating SAP and S4/HANA change validation and UAT

Whether you have a few patches, a full system upgrade or new modules to implement, there is substantial effort involved in validating the resulting changes in business processes.

Whilst IT specialists have a role in this task, very often SMEs and users are also required to carry out validation and User Acceptance Testing.

Take just 30 minutes of your time to watch the video or download the slides and see how you can transform your validation process to achieve greater quality and reduce business in less time, with less disruption to business users.

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Why Test Automation Fails Part 2,Correcting the Approach

New Video: Watch Part Two of Why Test Automation fails

Why Does Test Automation Fail?

Part One highlighted the importance of Test Automation and describe why this is failing, both in theory and in practice.Want to watch Part One? Click here
Part Two- Correcting the Approach
The testing department must ramp up on the test automation process and the prep-work analysis that needs to be done including when to start, how to structure the tests, and what system to start with.

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The SAP Chairman, A SAP Selfie, and the HANA Upgrade Risks

The SAP Chairman, A SAP Selfie, and the Hana Upgrade Risks

You know the journey to HANA is a complex process with multiple phases.

You know it involves significant technically and operationally changes.

You know that means risk.

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Why Test Automation Fails

New Video: Watch Part One of Why Test Automation fails

Why Does Test Automation Fail?

Part One highlights the importance of Test Automation and describe why this is failing, both in theory and in practice.

Testers face common challenges in automation.

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Best Practises for TESTING your M3 Implementation, Upgrades and Patches

New Video: Watch this webinar recording on Best Practices for TESTING your M3 Implementation, Upgrades and Patches

How do you test M3?

There’s no denying it – M3 systems are complex, very often business-critical and are the heartbeat of many companies. If you run your business on M3, you rely on it to receive orders, ship products, invoice customers, control financials, manage human resources and do so much more.

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What Project Teams need to know about Test Automation.

The International Institute for Software Training (IIST) hosted this webinar where Jim Trentadue one of Original Software’s industry experts spoke on the subject of “What Project Teams need to know about Test Automation”.

In this webinar Jim outlined the various testing phases for both Agile & Waterfall SDLC’s with the corresponding team member contribution and benefit. Automated testing nuances and what to account for were reviewed; discussing the differences from a manual testing setup.

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Following The Yellow Brick Road To SAP HANA

SAP HANA Yellow Brick Road

Latest Webinar Recording: Watch This Webinar Now >>

On this Webinar, listen to our very own SAP wizards Paul Mervin, Proceed Group and Tim Bower, Original Software, who will cover lessons learned from a real-world SAP upgrade, and why it is so important to streamline the data you put into HANA to ensure it runs simply, powerfully, efficiently.

Defuse the User Acceptance Testing Ticking Time Bomb

Your Guide to Implementing a Joined up User Acceptance Testing Strategy

Software applications built, purchased or consumed in the cloud all have one thing in common, they need to be tested before going live and had at least one round of User Acceptance Testing. That means a combination of business analysts and subject matter experts must put their day-to-day work on hold, until they have finished validating that the latest application still works. What a pain, but much worse, business and commerce has to stop.

Watch the video to see how User Acceptance Testing can be made simple and part of a joined up test strategy.

How to Handle HANA

Migrating to S/4 HANA – It’s a big project.
Why? Because every time you introduce a new module almost all of the rest is impacted and requires (re)testing and it will be like starting from scratch again and again.

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8 Survival Steps for a Successful M3 Upgrade

New Video: Watch this webinar recording on how to
Upgrade Infor M3 in 8 Steps
You may be undertaking a very significant project such as implementing the M3 Grid. System changes are risky. They require a huge amount of effort from IT and users to get them right.

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8 Survival Steps for a Successful ERP Upgrade

Jumping across stepping stones

Watch this video on the webinar: 8 Survival Steps for a Successful ERP Upgrade

Watch this webinar video as it could make the difference between going live, crossing your fingers and going live with confidence.

Navigating your Way Through the SAP Testing Jungle

John Miner

Click to watch the webinar recording on “Navigating your Way Through the SAP Testing Jungle”

Effective SAP testing has to be a vital part of your strategy, elevating it from a tactical function to a strategic and critical process for the business. This approach will not only minimise downtime, but will also protect the value of your SAP project to the business.

Join our SAP survival leader, John Miner, Original Software, on a quick safari expedition where you will learn on how to adapt and thrive in the SAP testing jungle and avoid the common dangers of dehydration, crocodile attacks and threat of malaria!

How to Test End to End Including IBM i (iSeries) 5x Faster

Download the slides and view the recording of our most recent webinar on “How to test end to end including IBM i (iSeries) 5 x Faster”

In this on-demand webinar session we will show you how to increase coverage and ensure the best possible software quality and reliability for the business.

This session takes a deep-dive into four key areas you can make rapid improvements:

  • Test Data Management – address the validation of all database effects and create cut down representative test data to reduce test times and data footprints.
  • Capture and Document Processes – reduce IT reliance on users for system knowledge and streamline requirements gathering, development, testing, training, and support
  • Mitigate Risk – unmanaged risks can have disastrous consequences. We’ll show you how timely, comprehensive quality assurance is the key contributor to managing risk.
  • Build cross platform regression testing – quickly with built in robustness.

Insurers Expose the Truth Behind Poor Software Quality – The Battle for User Satisfaction

Research conducted by GatePoint Research, sponsored by Original Software, revealed that user dissatisfaction was cited as having the biggest effect on the business, and at 64%, that represents a large proportion of insurers with unhappy customers.

Watch this video on the webinar: Insurers Expose the Truth Behind Poor Software Quality, where you will gain a deeper understanding of this research and learn what the common areas of risk to business continuity are. You will also learn how you can negate these risks and apply best practices for achieving alignment with IT and the business.

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Believe in ‘Business as Usual’ from a Perfect Oracle EBS Upgrade or Patch

Thank you if you were able to join us on this webinar.

Our stringent Oracle testing process gives you the confidence that your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) application will support your business exactly as required from the day of go-live.

We have made the presentation slides available for download, along with a link to our Oracle information page.

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Agile Test Automation – Truth, Oxymoron or Lie?

Watch this On-Demand Webinar on Agile Test Automation

It can be confusing for everyone in an agile team to understand when or what to test, when there isn’t a test phase or any formal documented requirements. Whatever your agile methodology, projects require a change in the way QA and development work together. The use of technology and automation are much more difficult and finding a practical approach to testing is critical for successful agile projects.

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The Dark Side of AQM

Thank you if you were able to join us on this webinar.

With the help of Yoda, Obi Wan and others from the Star Wars cast, you will learn how best to avoid the challenges that surround quality issues in the delivery of an application to deliver your projects on time, on budget and most importantly with quality

We have made the presentation slides available for download, along with a link to our Original Insight on this topic.

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Manual Testing is Here to Stay

Thank you if you were able to join us on this webinar.

Why let your manual testing efforts go to waste? Our dynamic manual testing solution can capture everything that your users are doing.

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Enabling Business Users for SAP Testing

Thank you if you were able to join us on this webinar.

Whether you are installing, upgrading or enhancing SAP, Original Software provides the most efficient way of validating that it correctly supports all your mission critical business processes.

Oracle EBS R12 Video Top 5 Project Tips

+44 (0)1256 338666 | +1 630 321 0092 | solutions@origsoft.com
Oracle EBS R12 Video on the Top 5 Tips to Cut the Effort of your Upgrade Project by a Third

In this Oracle EBS R12 video Jonathan Pearson, Solution Consultant, explores the impact an Oracle EBS upgrade project will have on your business, the top 5 tips to help you with the project and how technology can help cut the project effort by a third!

You will also learn:

What is involved with the Oracle EBS R12 upgrade process
Who is involved with the upgrade and when
How companies underestimate the time impact
What the biggest challenges are
A best practice process for managing the upgrade project

Next Steps
Let us show you how you can ensure software quality whilst managing the risks that surround an Oracle EBS upgrade.

Call us on +44 (0)1256 338666 or +1 630 321 0092.

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How Marston’s Smooths the Path for SAP Upgrades

+44 (0)1256 338666 | +1 630 321 0092 | solutions@origsoft.com
Latest Webinar: Follow the yellow brick road to SAP HANA
Marston’s, an independent brewing and retailing business with around 2,100 pubs and bars, was faced with a challenging technical SAP upgrade.

Watch the video and learn from first-hand experience with Ben Williams and Liz Winspear, Marston’s, as they tell you about this complex SAP upgrade. Discover how this large retailer was able to create over 900 test scripts and automate 60% within three months during this critical SAP upgrade.

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