The Problem with HP

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Like the brick cell phone, HP testing tools have had their day

Like the brick cell phone, HP testing tools have had their day

Ensuring that your business applications are fit for purpose might not be sexy but it is fundamental to the success of your organization.

The bedrock upon which this quality is built is the testing performed by IT professionals and business users throughout the development process.

But testing can be labor-intensive and for business users it is a painful and unwelcome distraction from their contribution to the line of business. It was therefore natural that many companies looked to implement technology to ease the burden of testing, seeking to speed the testing cycles, increase quality and lower their testing costs.

An entire testing tools industry developed, offering simple waterfall test management and coded automation for application UI. The coding language may differ, but in essence the likes of IBM, Borland and the most successful vendor, HP (through their acquisition of Quality Center and QTP) are all offering the same value proposition.

Struggling to keep up
These tools are now proven to be only usable by specialist automation engineers. They extend development timescales and are limited in their capability, which contrasts sharply with the original needs of speed and quality. As to cost, the requisite skills alone make a hole in any budget while the continual hikes to maintenance charges and often chargeable upgrades have brought the very concept of ROI into disrepute.

This failure to achieve speed, quality and cost savings is unfortunate, but there is a more fundamental problem. To survive, businesses now need to be agile (whether or not they are agile in their developments) and these legacy tool sets cannot keep up. Some of you will have already accepted that truth and will have reverted to a manual approach to testing as the burden of creating or maintaining coded automation became untenable. Others will have started to implement additional technology to try and address the yawning holes left by legacy tools.

Perhaps you are looking for a quality solution to augment your existing investment and address the high value, fast moving areas of your business. Or maybe you are ready to replace your existing tools with an enterprise-wide solution that supports multiple development methodologies and offers rapid ROI. Either way, Original Software stands alone as an alternative that has earned its battle honours in the environments that matter.

Read more about alternatives to HP

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