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A service oriented architecture or “SOA” is the style of software design where services are shared between application components through communication protocols over a network. A SOA is essentially a collection of services that communicate with each other.

Service Oriented Architecture Testing

To correctly test an integrated system you need a specialist solution
What is SOA?

Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) is a software design that allows different services to communicate with each other independently via applications over a network.

It is important to note that SOA is indeed a type of architecture, designed to suit a business, and is therefore not a piece software itself.

SOA works by cross-referencing different applications and services to find out the information required. This information is then used to upgrade the service. It is important to note that the information is shared directly between the platforms though, so that there is no miscommunication or incorrect information received by either side.

SOA is often, in effect, technology independent and, when not working over a web service, works using Representation State Transfer (REST).

Ultimately, SOA involves businesses communicating through clearly defined interfaces (identified via a URL). This communication is followed by tiered web server architecture that caches data at any level.

Why SOA testing?

Many businesses choose SOA to design and develop their business applications, as well as to manage their overall system. SOA testing greatly benefits those who require technical solutions to closely align with the needs of their business.

Although, SOA testing is hugely cost-effective and is flexible in application, adopting SOA-based applications in a business can often be challenging.

The most common method of implementing an SOA-based system is using web services. However, because the standards defining web services are rapidly expanding and adapting, many web services are difficult to select and not yet in their prime.

Because of the difficulties selecting a web service for SOA-based applications, SOA testing is an essential element of SOA and modern SOA testing is extremely significant for SOA-based applications.

How is SOA Testing performed?
API Testing
Challenges of SOA testing
Case Studies
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How Can Original Software Help

Some of the larger, more traditional testing vendors have largely ignored the challenges of testing integrated systems. At Original Software, we recognise that to properly test an integrated system you need a specialist test solution.

Although projects involving Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Event Driven Architectures (EDA) and composite applications in general may include GUIs, they are not the dominant form of interface. Instead, these types of projects use HTTP, JMS, TCP/IP and other protocols to transport information in a variety of formats, both custom and standard (e.g. SOAP or XML). Humans cannot see into these types of systems directly and a tool is always required for testing SOA and integrated systems.

Original Software has a solution that meets all of these requirements.

You can learn more about Original Software SOA by contacting us today!

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Service Oriented Architecture Testing To correctly test an integrated system you need a specialist solution What is SOA? Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) is


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