Testing SAP

Original offer a comprehensive solution for validation of the SAP ecosystem. This gives you the confidence that your SAP application will support your business exactly as required from the day of go-live and makes life easier moving forward.

It takes just a couple of days to implement our solutions and only a few hours of training for your team to become proficient in their use. You will feel the benefits from week one.

Whether you are installing, upgrading or enhancing SAP, Original Software provides the most efficient way of validating that it correctly supports all your mission critical business processes.

Testing is particularity relevant right now as there are constant and deep changes to the SAP landscape as we hurtle towards the 2025 HANA upgrade deadline.

Moving to S/4HANA

Planning a move to Hana or S4/Hana, or the constant patches required before upgrading, many companies struggle with the expected slow and manual validation phases required to their system.

These phases must start from scratch each time the processes are run and there is no repeatability.

Result? Cost, pain and delays.  

 Being a company-wide project means it is essential to integrate resources from all aspects of the business. Amongst other issues, this brings challenges to communications and project management

With tribal knowledge and no centralised communication or standardised information systems the overall progress can be further impeded.


Upgrading ECC

Original software has the IT management system built to specifically cope with the issues involved in a companywide validation effort.

From centralised documentation and communication, visibility, management and control, the project can seamlessly move from development to QA and UAT to live. This with full resource and planning management and reporting allows full auditing and repeatability.

Industry leading software allows standardised test feedback, easy to reproduce defects and is fully compatible with S/4HANA and the new Fiori user interface as well as the older ECC GUI offering.

The outputs of the associated efforts can easily be used for business process capture, training materials and ultimately a simple and effective way to knowledge share.

Beyond the Upgrade

The result is future ease of patch and upgrades/new functionality, with already existing project and test plans that can be used with accurate estimations of forecast time needed.

In a nut shell our solutions will: –

  • Reduce project cost
  • Reduce project time
  • Eliminate critical defects
  • Ensure deadlines are met
  • Enable effective communication
  • Allow visibility and management

See the associated case study and poster for more information on how we can make it better, there is no better time than today to start your journey.

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Marston's Story

Marston’s was facing a tricky SAP upgrade. It would be the responsibility of Liz Winspear, Marston’s test manager, to ensure the system worked.

With the help of Original Software’s solutions Marstons smoothed the path for SAP upgrades creating 650 automated scripts in the process.

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