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“Highly recommended for IBM AS400 installations. The TestDrive application for IBM System i has been very useful for testing.” 

IT Manager in the Transportation Industry (Gartner Peer Insights.)

Working knowledge of your IBM i applications is probably locked inside the heads of a few key individuals. If these people leave or retire, what then?  You may find that you rely heavily on certain people with the knowledge and experience to test the applications, and they become a bottleneck.

Any IBM i application is a complex combination of database, batch programs, message queues and APIs with a variety of possible user interfaces; traditional ‘green-screen’, Java, Web or whatever. Our solution helps to cut through the complexity and simplifies the testing process.

Test Data Management

At the heart of any IBM i application is data. Consequently, data is a major part of any test environment. Often, a full copy of the corporate database is used for testing. This slows testing, prolongs testing run-times, almost certainly breaks several privacy laws (need we mention GDPR?) never mind the expensive disk storage. Also once the test data is used or corrupted the whole process must be repeated.

We address these issues with a data management platform to sub-set live data, obfuscate sensitive data, create new data combinations and then reset the changes made in the data, putting it back to how it was at the start to enable rapid consistent re-runs of test scenarios (an un-do button for test data). The reset of database changes is a major time-saver and contributes to a significant decrease in time spent testing, while data sub-setting creates smaller test databases and speeds up execution times.

Capture & Document Process

An IBM i application is like an iceberg; only 10% of the application is ‘visible’ to the user.

From a testing perspective, this means that business testers (end-users and Business Analysts) only interact with a small part of the application.

The remaining 90% of the application probably requires testing by a technical tester (programmer or other IBM i technician).

The net result; difficulty in testing everything in one go, leads to multiple phases of testing.

Imagine if you could ask a business user to test a particular business process and detailed diagnostics of the other 90% were automatically gathered for you.


The Benefits

Our solution enables you to document exactly how the system works now, in a proactive way, by capturing test results and processes, from the User Interface to the underlying program stack including batch programs, covering screen and data presentation, database and message queue activity, job log messages and a lot more. It means you gain a complete and detailed understanding of how a program or function works.

Detailed test run comparisons mean you can enter a known set of transactions into an existing function, make a change to that function, re-run the test with the same set of transactions, and see exactly what impact your change has had, including anything you were not expecting.

Moreover, the data reset capability, part of our Test Data Management capabilities, will speed up this process and ensure you can re-use the same set of transactions.


Fast Test Automation over web and green screen with TestDrive- see how easy it is to do a multi-UI automated test, without code

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