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Biscuits. The answer is biscuits

Tasty Biscuits for User Acceptance Testing

On hearing that word I was reminded of the endearing broadcasts and interviews with Jess Thom, a lovely lady who spoke about Tourettes syndrome. Her inspiring frankness and humour helped me gain a sympathetic understanding of some of the challenges

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Lets talk about…User Acceptance Testing

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This white paper is based on conversations between Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software and Jim Trentadue who has held a number of senior QA roles, amongst them  Corporate Vice President of Quality Assurance at New York Life Assurance. In

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Defuse the User Acceptance Testing Ticking Time Bomb

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Software applications built, purchased or consumed in the cloud all have one thing in common, they need to be tested before going live and had at least one round of User Acceptance Testing. That means a combination of business analysts

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ERP upgrade or roll-out? It’s OK, the users will test it….

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One of the reasons for buying an ERP style application (typically at vast cost) is the avoidance of the development effort that goes with designing, building and maintaining home-built applications.  There is also potential for fewer staff in all roles

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