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Test Automation Reality Check: Microsoft Dynamics AX user automates 40 processes in 15 days

Two men in plumbers merchant

With the help of solutions from Original Software  and without any need to invest in costly specialist programming skills this major UK merchanting business has hit the ground running on their road to test automation, converting 120 recordings into scripts,

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ERP Applications – putting off those changes is like driving on a flat tyre

car with flat tyre

This is probably not the perfect analogy, because at some point you will have to stop and change the tyre. But it may be if you don’t do it quickly, there will be a much nastier outcome and expense. The

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When not testing properly nearly killed a great brand

I’m not going to name any names, that would be inappropriate. This is a true story about a brand that I know, I use and I value which is in a tailspin that it might never recover from (I do

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ERP upgrade or roll-out? It’s OK, the users will test it….

cartoon man pushing 3 cogs

One of the reasons for buying an ERP style application (typically at vast cost) is the avoidance of the development effort that goes with designing, building and maintaining home-built applications.  There is also potential for fewer staff in all roles

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