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Test Automation Fake News: “I can’t code, so I can’t automate”

Man with tablet and Fake News coming off

Fake News seems to permeate through all walks of life these days, not least in the world of software testing. Over the coming weeks we will expose  the most common misconceptions and share the facts, enabling you to make informed decisions

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Test Automation Reality Check: Microsoft Dynamics AX user automates 40 processes in 15 days

Two men in plumbers merchant

With the help of solutions from Original Software  and without any need to invest in costly specialist programming skills this major UK merchanting business has hit the ground running on their road to test automation, converting 120 recordings into scripts,

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The test automation silver bullet – Myth or Reality?

flying Silver bullet

Well obviously it’s a myth.  But that said, why do many still seek it?  It is still perceived to be the Holy Grail of testing and keeps millions of people in gainful employment every day and to an extent that

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Major Infor M3 Account gains significant efficiencies by tackling Application Quality

rolls of carpet

Last month I was in Denmark at a leading European carpet manufacturer to train and consult on Qualify, our application quality management solution and TestDrive, our 100% code-free test automation product. Their business systems are a mix of Infor M3

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When not testing properly nearly killed a great brand

I’m not going to name any names, that would be inappropriate. This is a true story about a brand that I know, I use and I value which is in a tailspin that it might never recover from (I do

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