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“Lord what fools these mortals be”

man donkeey head wide

….Puck, A Midsummer Night’s Dream A line from the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare. A mischievous fairy, Puck, addressing his king, is commenting on the folly of the human beings who have come into his forest. Well here’s a

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Your business is agile, your development is agile, so why isn’t your test automation?

Agile women with laptop

Everyone knows that UI test automation takes months or years. Just imagine what your world would look like if you could do this in weeks. Legacy automation tools need to be coded, requiring specialised skills and projects take many months to complete.

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Fake News: “Test automation is too expensive.”

ROI on automation

Many automated testing tools require a significant investment while there are others that are available as “freeware”. However, the true cost of these tools lies not so much in the price tag, but in the time and effort needed to

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If QTP were a car, there should have been a product recall by now.

A car should take you somewhere faster and more comfortably than if than if you were just on two legs, offer a comfortable ride, be able to accelerate up hills and brake when you see a hazard approaching. If it

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Fake News: Automated testing solutions can’t deal with change as they would need A.I.

Robot at blackboard showing Artificial intelligence

Testing applications that do not change is the easiest job in the world and is the most common target for test automation. However, there is questionable value to this. Testing applications that change is much harder, requiring the ability to

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“All I ever wanted from HP was a viable test automation tool”

tricycle with square wheel indicating fundamental flaw

  HP and Mercury Interactive before them were very successful at selling a complete package of testing tools, including performance testing and test management, but the jewel in the crown, the juicy bait covering the pointed and costly hook, was

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Test Automation, one word or two? Either way the real need is to test.

man with rocket speeding up testing

  ‘Test Automation’ has I fear, become a phrase rather than two individual words. A few seconds thought highlights that each of these words has separate and even competing meanings. ‘Test’ is the objective while ‘Automation’ is simply a means

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Whiffs of revolution are in the air. There’s talk of test automation engineers taking to the street …

“Don’t take our jobs !” “I want to code, you can’t stop me !” “Automation isn’t meant to be easy – that’s why you need me !” In the same way that in some parts of the United States, idiots

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Testing code by writing more code! I don’t mind crazy but this is insane

Cartoon man drowing in a sea made of binary code

You may have built that application inhouse, you may have purchased a COTS application like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, or you may be consuming that application in the cloud. However acquired, the fact is that the application will comprise

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Fake News! “Automation can Replace UAT”

Man holding mobile phone with Fake News headline

Manual testing is tedious but can you really get rid of UAT by adopting automation? It’s a great concept but can you really leave the Subject Matter Experts alone so they can get on with their day jobs? Reality Check:

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