Software Testing Club Goes Stateside

The Software Testing Club (STC), has now gone stateside with its very first software testing meetup hosted in Chicago! The “STC Meetups” have taken the software testing community by storm, and we are very pleased to be hosting the first US meetup in Illinois’ Windy City.

The Software Testing Club is a very successful and widely acknowledged community of software testing professionals, which has now grown to 10,000 active members.

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A Tester Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

The Software Testing Club has done it again, our friend and Original Thinker, Rosie Sherry, Software Testing Club Author, has recently launched the latest creative eBook just for Software Testers! It’s great to see our Tester’s are being looked after 🙂

The eBook entitled “A Tester Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas” can be downloaded for free and the STC just ask if you wouldn’t mind donating to the Oxfam charity that they support, which you can donate via the Just Giving website here:

If you would like to know more about how your peers are coping in the software testing world I would recommend this brilliant PDF download. The STC asked their community a set of questions and have published some of the answers in this hilarious eBook.

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