software glitch

Toyota – software glitch leads to global product recall

By George Wilson

Toyota, the Japanese car giant, suffered a massive blow this week when it was forced to recall almost two million of its top selling Prius hybrid vehicles. A glitch in the cars’ software could set off cars’ warning lights, meaning it would enter failsafe mode and cause the vehicle to stop suddenly. The biggest hit to Toyota will be in Japan and the USA.

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Wal-Mart website glitch offered up electronic bargain for shoppers

US consumers took to social media en masse last week to broadcast an astounding deal they found on A glitch on the retail giant’s e-commerce site saw a 24 inch high-definition Viewsonic computer monitor, an InFocus IN2124 digital projector and other products on sale for as little as $8.85, when their retail value is usually in excess of $500.

A spokesman for Wal-Mart – according to the Good Morning America site – said the issue had now been resolved and its IT teams are scanning the millions of items on sale on its site to check there aren’t further technical errors causing price discrepancies.

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The Cost of Software Failure

Our Software Testing Hall of Shame hosts a gallery of software glitches all serving to illustrate the importance of testing software. The latest addition comes from the London Stock Exchange where, billions of pounds worth of share trades were lost after the London Stock Exchange’s main trading system ground to a halt shortly after the market opened last month.

Dealers were left twiddling their thumbs and angry after the LSE officially called a halt to all trading on its electronic order-driven system.

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HMRC Software Glitch Makes Returns Taxing

Yesterday, January 31st, was the last chance for self-assessors to submit their tax return online at the website for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Even though the HMRC said only on Friday that their computer system was working well and they did not foresee the problems experienced in recent years, our majesty’s government failed to test thoroughly again!!

Apparently, accountants were having problems after it appeared that the company that supplies software which allows accountancy firms and advisors to access the HMRC website had shut its links early.

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Bad Aer Lingers after online booking nightmare

The Aer Lingus booking system is not only riddled with software glitches, but they are so un-customer friendly that in order for ME to do THEM a favour and let them know why their web sales are so poor – alerting them to the software glitch, I either have to pay £s per minute to call their website helpdesk or post a blog about their immense screw-up (thereby shame-facing them at the same time) There is simply no other option available on their website for getting in touch with their webmasters – Come on guys a simple email address wouldn’t hurt, would it?

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Software errors force Boris to back-pedal on hire charges

A cycle hire scheme championed by Boris Johnson is having to refund thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money after it was hit by glitches.

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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Apple: ‘Hold your iPhone 4 differently’

This week saw the release of most sought after smartphone on the planet, the iPhone 4, but a fatal flaw was quickly discovered – that holding the gadget in a certain way kills reception, which means making phone calls or downloading games is rather difficult. Apple’s response? – hold your phone differently!

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The pains of poor testing: Loss of customers, blocked airways and public ridicule

Co-operative bank &#39losing customers&#39 through system problems, FAA Computer Glitch Delays US Flights and the latest on The Large Hadron Collider

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Software Testing Hall of Shame: Big Blue Red Faced over poorly tested congestion charging debacle

This week IBM step up to the podium in our Software Testing Hall of Shame. Computerworld UK yesterday reported that London’s congestion charging payments system crashed after IBM took over the contract.

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Software Testing Hall of Shame – Survey reveals hidden price of software failures

This week’s Hall of Shame entry isn’t an actual company for once, but rather lots of them! A new survey uncovers the hidden cost of software failures and the importance of testing.

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