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ERP upgrade or roll-out? It’s OK, the users will test it….

One of the reasons for buying an ERP style application (typically at vast cost) is the avoidance of the development effort that goes with designing, building and maintaining home-built applications.  There is also potential for fewer staff in all roles such as Business Analysts, Systems Architects, Programmers and Testers.  This on-going cost reduction and the added benefit of a readily available flow of the latest market-led features means you will have a modern, bug free, up to date platform to support current and future business needs, at a fraction of the cost of the old system.  For these reasons, the painful price tag becomes acceptable and the ROI case a matter for the accountants and crystal-ball gazers.

The reality may turn out to be a little different to this enticing vision, particularly when considering the effort, and associated cost involved to move to this new world.  When looking back it may transpire that the investment made has ended up being greater than anticipated. That is not to say that it is not worthwhile, but just more costly, possibly considerably more costly, than was expected.  The result is that the new ERP, and this includes upgrades or migrations not just new installs, is now of even greater financial significance because of this major investment.

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Customer Spotlight: Ensuring a High-quality, Low-risk SAP Upgrade for Marston’s

Marstons Pedigree

Marston’s reduced cost and disruption during an SAP upgrade with core applications stable and up-to-date.

Marstons Smooths the path for SAP upgrades

Marston’s PLC, is an independent brewing and retailing business with around 2,100 pubs and bars across Great Britain. Marston’s deploys Original Software solutions to reduce the time and cost of ensuring a high quality, low risk SAP upgrade.

The Challenge
Historically Marston’s had only been using two SAP modules: Financials and Sales & Distribution, yet it would take over six months to plan and execute the testing of each upgrade.

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Original Software Helps Customers Achieve a Quick ROI

AQM vendor bucks conventional tester wisdom which says that achieving quality is difficult

15th December 2011, – In its annual round up and planning for the year ahead, Original Software, a leading Application Quality Management (AQM) vendor, renowned for its innovative technology, reveals how it continues to break the mould in application quality, by driving down the cost and risk of software delivery projects. Several customer examples confirm how the software vendor has helped deliver a proven ROI in months rather than years.

Coca-Cola, a global leader in the beverage industry, often reluctant to comment on the IT suppliers it uses, needed a solution which would enable them to build rapid and maintainable automation.

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Manual Testing – The Smarter Approach

There appears to be a lot of hype in the market place right now about HP Sprinter revolutionising manual testing. A revolution? Really?

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The Test Automation Debate: Record & Playback versus Programmatic

Experts agree that test automation isn’t easy and there has been a lot of debate over which approach leads to better and easier test automation – record and playback or programmatic. Original Software would like to take this debate one stage further and introduce a new paradigm to the discussion. Join in the discussion by registering today.

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Navigating Your Way Through the SAP Testing Jungle

The word “upgrade” has been known to send shivers down the spines of many SAP customers, especially given the historical pain, time and cost of moving to a new version of the software. Upgrades, especially functional upgrades, are resource hungry, take months of planning and require business users to take time out of their daily workloads to check the new system.

The SAP testing jungle is real and if you get lost in this jungle you need to know how to survive, adapt, and thrive in the complex SAP eco-system.

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Wales and West Utilities Chooses Original Software to Accelerate its User Acceptance Testing for SAP

Ease of use for business users cited as main reason for choosing the solution suite over HP

6 January 2011, – Wales & West Utilities (WWU), the regulated gas distribution business covering Wales and the South West of England, has selected the leading Application Quality Management (AQM) vendor, Original Software, for the management and ongoing testing of its business-critical SAP® implementation. The full quality management, manual testing and test automation suite has been selected by the utility company to assist with its business-critical SAP application quality challenges.

Highly regarded in the industry, WWU was recently awarded the “Utility Company of the Year” at last month’s Utility Industry Achievement Awards 2010.

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Five software non-failures for 2011

This time last year, Michael Krigsman posted an interesting blog predicting 5 main software failures for 2010. These ranged from failure rates remaining unchanged to social computing and Enterprise 2.0 adoption failures hitting the jackpot.

Was he right?

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