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Making Happiness your IT project goal at the M3 Benelux conference.

I recently attended the M3 User Association (M3UA) conference in Amsterdam. It was an interesting day with many presentations about the exciting plans Infor have for the M3 ERP application. However, and I may be a little biased, the presentation

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Come along and get happy at the M3 Benelux conference.

Original Software’s solutions helps you eliminate the risk of issues in new ERP installations, upgrades or patches, (including Infor M3). Happy Days!​ Managing change like this is stressful and the anticipation of a go-live can be a worrying time. But,

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IT Director shares success story in tackling a significant upgrade

Delivering Confidence Facing a major upgrade – in this particular case jumping four versions of Infor M3 to 13.4, would be a daunting project for most companies. Doing that with a team a quarter of the size available at implementation

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M3UA UK Conference – Don’t miss the biscuits, they could be the secret of success.

UAT workshop – share challenges and debate strategies  Join us, Original Software at the M3UA UK Conference   Will you be in Nottingham this week? If so, why not come along to the round table discussion on Thursday morning we are hosting

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M3UA UK Conference. User acceptance testing, art or science?

In any M3 Implementation, Upgrade, Roll-Out, Technology Shift or Business Improvement Project, testing and particularly user acceptance testing (UAT) is usually the most time-consuming activity. Having a successful UAT phase is both an art and a science, it can often

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M3UA UK Conference. Are free biscuits the secret of success?

M3UA UK conference image

 Pleased to be participating once more at this  popular UK event. We’ll be hosting a round table workshop:- User Acceptance Testing: Are free biscuits the secret of success? In any M3 Implementation, Upgrade, Roll-Out, Technology Shift or Business Improvement Project,

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Getting the best out of your ERP system – M3 UA Eindhoven

You’ve bought an ERP system to ensure that your company runs more efficiently. It probably cost you (your company) an arm and a leg to get it installed and up and running. Now you need to realise some of that

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A trip to Eindhoven – tunnels and potholes.

The annual Infor M3 User Association meeting in The Netherlands is always interesting.  A chance to catch up with M3 friends, to learn about what they are doing and where Infor are taking their ever increasingly impressive technology.  And it

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M3 User Conference Eindhoven- Find a solution to those upgrade challenges

Not only is this event a great networking opportunity for the Infor community, but also a chance to hear how fellow users have approached key challenges associated with the implementation, upgrade and patching projects for their M3 and other key

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Established Finnish company migrates from SAP to M3 with the help of Original Software


This family company, experts in Finnish daily life since 1883 produce and import products and services for Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. Facing the challenge of migrating their core business systems from SAP to Infor’s M3 platform they chose

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