corporate compliance

Data sensitivity issues and corporate compliance, where do companies stand?

Extractor Compliance Edition addresses compliance legislation requirements

March, 26, 2005 – Personal and private data usage by companies is strictly controlled by a host of regulatory constraints across the world. Examples are: the Data Protection Act in the UK, HIPAA and Gramm Leach Bliley in the US, PIPEDa in Canada etc. Any company that handles personal or potentially sensitive data is required to exercise extreme caution in the ways that such data is stored and handled.

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New TestPLAN release helps companies use corporate compliance to save money

Software product designed for compliance-led applications using fewer resources

April, 26, 2004 – Corporate compliance legislation – with incoming regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel-II, and existing regulations such as FDA, FSA etc – is an increasingly hot topic. A recent survey conducted by leading UK software testing vendor Original Software showed that almost half of UK respondents were actively involved in dealing with corporate compliance issues, with Sarbanes-Oxley by far the most common. Correspondingly, Original Software has released a new version of its popular test process management solution, TestPLAN, that includes features designed specifically to help companies meet the corporate compliance challenge.

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