New CIOs: How To Gain Control Within The First 30 Days

I came across this interesting article written by Mitesh Patel and published on BCW called: “New CIOs: How To Gain Control Within The First 30 Days” .

Two key points that I picked up in that article were the poor documentation a new CIO will inevitably face in their new role, and the absence of an audit trail.

Without these two essential requirements, “…how can any CIO confidently agree to deliver the required innovation with no visibility of what is in place today; no insight into the cost base; and no confidence in the resilience of the current infrastructure?”

If high quality software is at the heart of the CIO’s commitment to align with the business, it is without doubt that a CIO needs to ensure that the application lifecycle is streamlined and efficient.

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John Brandon 10 predictions for the CIO in 2020

I came across this very interesting article, written by John Brandon,

It’s about what the CIO can expect in their job function over the next eight years. The writer emphasizes that certain roles will dramatically change, such as: business planning, cyber security, robot management and the cloud.

He also states that this information was collected directly from industry leaders, analysts, and CIOs themselves to discover the challenges that lay ahead.

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