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The Early Bird Catches The Worm

We all know that the earlier bugs are picked up in the application development lifecycle, the cheaper they are to fix. It is an undisputed fact.

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40% of CIOs admit corporate indifference to their own software quality

“Surely such an attitude cannot continue to exist in delivering software that is increasingly underpinning business critical applications” *

October, 7, 2008 – A study into the views of top-level executives and CIOs on software quality, announced today by Original Software, reveals corporate apathy and the failings of a multi-billion dollar industry. When asked how the importance of their software quality is perceived within the business, over 40% of CIOs admitted ‘not at all’ or ‘as a nice to have’. Not surprising then that a recent IDC survey revealed that more than 40% of all software applications are released with between one and ten critical defects, the management being fully aware of this at the time of issue.

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