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C-Suite Blog Series: the CFO and the technology hot potato

By George Wilson

Before Christmas RBS suffered the latest in a long line of technical defects to hit the banking industry. But this one was a particular headache for the RBS CFO when he saw his company’s share price plummet 12 per cent on the news that RBS customers were experiencing considerable customer service disruption.

This only serves to underline the fact that technology, when it goes wrong, isn’t just a problem for the CIO and the IT department.

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C-Suite Blog Series: The Hidden Costs of Upgrades – an Insight for CEOs

‘Mission critical’ is something of a buzzword, but if ever it could be applied to a business application it would be to ERP. A flaky ERP system is the corporate equivalent of a bad heart. Operational efficiency, workforce productivity – all these elements hinge on ERP.

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