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Original Software offers ‘Escape’ for apprehensive Borland and Compuware customers

August, 3, 2009 – Original Software, the Application Quality Management (AQM) vendor, today announced a swap-out promotion, called the Escape program for customers of the soon to be engulfed companies, who face uncertainty in the future of their legacy product roadmaps.

Original Software offers market-leading AQM solutions that span the application development life-cycle from requirements, planning and management to complete automated regression testing, including unique solutions for manual testing and test data management.

Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software, said “Any customer on a current maintenance contract with Borland or Compuware can qualify for the Escape program and swap to one of our comparable solutions, provided they switch the maintenance agreement.” The promotion, which runs until the end of the year, includes preferential pricing on all the company’s other complimentary solutions.

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