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Original Software further reduces the pain of maintaining enterprise applications

New version of software quality suite resolves upgrade and patch headaches

London, 22nd November 2013: Original Software, the global software quality vendor, has today announced the release of Qualify 14, its industry leading application quality management (AQM) and test execution suite, which reduces validation testing work – required to ensure enterprise applications work correctly – by 75 per cent.

From every process a user conducts – for example, a finance team member creating an expense report in their ERP application – the new version of the software generates four key assets:

1. Business process description: pdf that describe the steps performed in every module of the application, complete with screenshots.

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Original Software transforms the delivery of enterprise applications in a day

Rapid roll-out of quality management infrastructure and best practices

11 July 2013 – Original Software, the software quality solutions vendor, today announced the launch of Qualify Web, a browser version of its application quality management platform that enables organizations to deliver mission-critical enterprise applications quickly and cost effectively. The solution requires a single day to roll out and train users.

Qualify Web provides organizations with a quality management infrastructure, best practice testing processes, and a single point of contact for project managers, QA teams, business users, executives and others.

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The Application Quality Conundrum

Resources, risk and application time to market are often in conflict as IT teams strive to deliver quality applications within their budgetary constrains. This is the Quality Conundrum.

Pressure is a way of life for IT development organisations.

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The Battle for Software Quality

Most IT executives agree that any company that is able to rapidly deliver software applications of a consistently high quality within minimum budgets will enjoy significant competitive advantage. However, despite this, it is generally accepted that the challenges surrounding software quality remain untouched. Testing is still perceived as a huge bottleneck.

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Application Quality That Keeps Getting Better

Original Software charge into 2013 with Application Quality Management at its forefront

18th December, 2012, – Original Software, the leading Application Quality Management (AQM) vendor, will be seeing in the new year with its latest release of their AQM platform. In addition to a multitude of customer driven requirements, this latest version delivers three key features, which further strengthen the company’s product leadership and supports their mission to deliver the fastest and highest ROI in the automated software quality market.

Firstly, enhanced Multi-Stream Testing (MST).

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Original Software Helps Customers Achieve a Quick ROI

AQM vendor bucks conventional tester wisdom which says that achieving quality is difficult

15th December 2011, – In its annual round up and planning for the year ahead, Original Software, a leading Application Quality Management (AQM) vendor, renowned for its innovative technology, reveals how it continues to break the mould in application quality, by driving down the cost and risk of software delivery projects. Several customer examples confirm how the software vendor has helped deliver a proven ROI in months rather than years.

Coca-Cola, a global leader in the beverage industry, often reluctant to comment on the IT suppliers it uses, needed a solution which would enable them to build rapid and maintainable automation.

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Throwaway Test Automation?

There comes a time in every Software Tester’s career when test automation seems desirable. A QA utopia of shorter testing cycles and applications delivered on time! But unfortunately for most, that dream of application quality, as a result of more efficient testing through automation, has become more of a burden than a helping hand.

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Tesco Bank Should Have Tested on IE9

The news on CIO’s website of Tesco Bank having to issue emergency guidelines for Internet Explorer 9 users, made me chuckle.

Either testing on multiple browsers wasn’t carried out in full or the testing technology being used didn’t support IE9. Either way, Tesco Bank will be entering our ‘Software Testing Hall of Shame’ this week.

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Podcast: Innovations in Software Testing

Our very own Colin Armitage, CEO at Original Software, took to the stage along with HP, IBM and Microsoft to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the world of software testing. Topics under discussion included manual testing, agile testing and how test automation can be improved. Listen to the podcast here.

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The Battle for Quality in the Boardroom

How can today’s IT Leaders tackle the application quality challenges they face?

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