Test Data Management

Manage and Manipulate the Underlying Database as Well as the Visual Layer During Testing.

Test Data Management (TDM) is fundamental to the success of your data strategy. After all, data drives the entire testing procedure. With bad data comes poor testing, results you can’t trust and a whole lot of wasted time, money and effort.

So it pays to get data management right.

Effective test data creation will address issues of disk space, data verification, data confidentiality and protracted test durations. Control and management of test data ensures that every test starts with a consistent data state which is essential in maintaining your data in a predictable state at the end of the test.

Checking both visible test results and the database effects is a key principle of AQM (Application Quality Management), a task which is practically impossible to accomplish manually.

Regulatory controls

Regulatory compliance and data protection laws continue to have an ever greater impact upon the ways that companies do business. The various data confidentiality and control measures all carry with them serious penalties including fines and imprisonment.

TestBench, from Original Software, supports AQM with a suite that uniquely controls, tests and manages the data required for effective testing together with the server-side effects of the test. Testing on live data is now a thing of the past with the creation of subsets that retain referential integrity, providing a perfect miniature copy of the live environment. Data scrambling and de-sensitivity along with auto-analysis, data manipulation and extraction reports for auditing means you can be confident your testing processes with be fully compliant with all regulatory controls.



QA Videos

Data Strategies for Application Testing – A Best Practice Guide

This best practice guide explores strategies and techniques which have been used to improve both test data management efficiency and software quality based on Series i, Oracle and SQL databases, utilizing methods to create, manage and validate databases.

Download the data strategies whitepaper now!

Effective Test Data Management is supported by TestBench. Available for Oracle, SQL and System i databases, TestBench allows you to take control of your test data, view and interrogate your database, predict your test results and ensure data privacy and stability.

View our Quality Assurance videos where you can check as we build a regression test from scratch, run the test, change the application and re-run the test. All without touching the code and completed in a matter of minutes.


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