Test IBM i 4X Faster (AS/400, iSeries) 

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The modern world of browsers, e-Commerce, Java and multi-layered client/server applications seems to leave little room for the IBM i, but the reality is different. This venerable machine is the application backbone of many companies even as they increasingly surround it with modern user interfaces and applications running on Microsoft, Oracle or other technology.

And why change? Often it is impossible to identify any functional benefit from moving to an alternative application stack like SAP or Oracle EBS and the massive costs of such a move are widely reported and acknowledged. So if your strategy involves a best of breed mix of technologies that recognises the key role the IBM i still has to play, what are your challenges in maintaining quality?

Here are three ways we can help

Test Data Management
Taking a copy of the full corporate database for testing is slow, makes testing run-times enormous, almost certainly breaks a number of privacy laws and requires a lot of expensive disk storage. What’s worse once the test data is used or corrupted the whole process must be repeated. We address these issues with a data management platform to sub-set live data, obfuscate sensitive data, create new data combinations and then reset the changes made in the data, putting it back to how it was at the start to enable rapid consistent re-runs of test scenarios.

Capture and Document Processes
Working knowledge of your IBM i applications is probably locked inside the heads of a few key individuals. If these people leave or retire, what then? You may find that you reply heavily on certain people with the knowledge and experience and they become a bottleneck. This solution enables you to document exactly how the system works now in a proactive way by capturing test results and processes – for UI (green screen, java, web or whatever) and underlying program stack including batch programs. It means you gain complete and detailed understanding of how a program or function works now, before it is changed. And when retested after the change you can see exactly what impact your change had, including anything you were not expecting.

Mitigate Risk
Finally how can you mitigate and manage your risk. Good planning and processes all help but risk-informed implementation decisions can only be made on the back of broad and deep testing. From browsers to green screen, from SAP to J.D. Edwards, from Bally Tech to Manhattan Associates. Test your IBM i under its covers; Message Queues, Job Logs, Batch Jobs, Program calls and Parameters, Database and Data Areas, Websphere MQ can all be exercised and verified. Of course, you can also test this platform as part of a mixed end to end test including other systems.

Next Steps

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