Why is Automated Software Testing Important?

If there is one constant in software development and deployment, it’s that they always have defects. Far too many software projects neglect software testing because of the cost or the time involved. Product quality often suffers as does customer satisfaction. Companies need to be aware that the end result of not using automated testing is an increase in cost. Not testing doesn’t save money, it costs money.

In most cases, added costs can be closely associated with:

  • Underestimating the effort required for test case generation.
  • Not having an effective testing strategy in place.
  • Unexpected delays in testing.
  • Increased test maintenance requirements.

Automated software testing is shown to drastically improve the development process in most instances. While automating tests can initially be viewed as an increase in effort and cost, the benefits of using automated testing will quickly become apparent as the processes tend to be extremely efficient.

It may not seem like it at first but automated testing always saves time, resources, and money in the long run, not to mention the high ROI benefit.

Increases Test Coverage

Manual tests are often avoided due to their length, scope, and depth simply because they can be very time-consuming. Automated tests of any depth, length and scope run even while unattended. Multiple computers can be used during testing using a variety of configurations. Memory, file content, data tablesand application states are readily viewed during automated testing, which helps determine if the software is performing as expected. Automated software testing can also do something that manual testing never will: execute thousands of tests during a single test run.


Manual testing is time-consuming and tedious at best, which leaves room for error on the part of the tester. Automated testing uses pre-recorded instructions, removing the possibility of human error. Automated regression testing verifies if pre-existing functionalities are suitable for newer versions, which is vital when new software development is applied to existing software. Many components of automated testing improve accuracy regardless of the volume of testing needed.

Developers and Testers Need Automation

It’s easy to forget the human factor in software testing. The morale of the development team and the testers is often overlooked and hard to measure in the first place. Automated software testing allows your team to spend more time working on more challenging and rewarding tasks. By not forcing your team to work on the tedious, mindless task of manual testing, they are free to improve their skills and their confidence. These personal gains are often passed on to the organization they work for. Everybody wins.

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Why is Automated Software Testing Important? If there is one constant in software development and deployment, it's that they always have defects. Far too many software


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