What Tests Should Be Automated First?

Since Automated Testing is significantly more reliable than Manual Testing, it is important to initiate it very early in the process. Knowing your software, tools and scripts to use in testing is the first and foremost concern, as it will save time, labor, cost and improve efficiency. It is also the most important process for the test cases that are going to run repeatedly over a long period of time.

Your automated testing strategy requires testing at three different levels – unit, service and User Interface (UI). Unit testing should be the foundation of a solid test automation strategy so they can give specific data to the programmer. The first tests in for beta testing and finding bugs or failures in the program that should be automated are:

  1. Regression Testing (to find errors that are created by frequent code changes while saving time)
  2. Load Testing
  3. Repeated Executions
  4. Performance Testing – simulating thousands of concurrent users for automation.
Expectation vs. Outcome

Automated testing will run the tests quickly, effectively and efficiently. Any testing that is going to involve long hours, repetition and requires quick feedback should be the processes that you want to achieve with automated testing. As you compare the processes with what you want to be your end results, automated testing will achieve a more stream-lined process for you. Also any processes that may challenge focus, concentration or cause your manual tester to fall asleep are high priority items to automate first.

Processes in the testing that are known to be affected by human error are also first events to tackle, such as confirmation bias, repetitiom and behind-the-scenes scripting issues. To create a successful continuous integration strategy, it is critical to streamline your continuous delivery process in the testing to identify if there is any regression in the quality when the code is processing so that your developers have enough time to tackle the issues as soon as they become known.

Testing Decision Matrix

Some developers use Mike Cohn’s Test Pyramid to help decide what tests should be automated because it basically states that there are much more unit tests than higher level integration, service, or UI automated tests. For the implementation of continuous integration, you must have a suite of automated tests that will execute quickly and give you the end result of confidence that you seek in your software. It is important to deliver your business value and accuracy quicker than your competitors so your testing should align with that end result.

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What Tests Should Be Automated First? Since Automated Testing is significantly more reliable than Manual Testing, it is important to initiate it very early in the


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