How Automated Software Testing Can Save Your Business Money

A common myth associated with automated software testing is that it will somehow magically pay dividends right away. Automated testing can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you’re only looking at what it can do for you right now. The fact is that testing automation may indeed save you a pile of cash and time eventually but it certainly won’t seem like it for a while.

That said, there are a few areas you should focus on when looking at an automated testing solution from Original Software.

Is Test Automation the Best Choice for Your Project?

First, determine if test automation is suitable for your project. If you envision numerous application releases or you know that your application requires a handful of test that need to be run thousands of time, test automation may be the right choice for you. However, if your test cases are rather easy and it will take longer for you to set up test automation than it does to test things manually, then manual testing may be your best option, particularly if these are ‘once-only’ tests. You should also consider the future. Although introducing test automation into your project may not deliver immediate savings, if you are going to need to repeat the tests in subsequent projects or test cycles, now may be a good time to tackle the automation.

Training Budget – Cost & Time

Do you have enough time to implement automated testing? You’ll need to budget enough time to train someone on your QA staff. One of the most common mistakes in automated software testing is jumping right in while not having the resources or skills to properly implement it. Jumping right in without being prepared will inevitably negate any efficiencies that automated testing offers.

Plan your Automation

Before you embark on a project to create test automation, you really need to know what you want to test, how it should be tested and what constitutes a successful test. If you have a well-defined manual testing process, with fully documented manual test executions, you already have the basis for test automation.
You do not have to automate everything all at one go. You can start small, focusing on your most critical applications and functions. Over time, the size and scope of the automation library can grow.

Get Expert Help

The initial effort in creating a robust and repeatable automated test suite can be quite large. Rather than placing an extra burden and workload on your staff, consider employing some expert help to ‘break the back’ of the initial effort.

Getting back to the financial aspects of using automated software testing, don’t expect to see some miraculous ROI right away. The savings come when you are able to repeat the tests in an automated way in a subsequent test phase or project. There are also ‘hidden’ savings with automated testing. Automation enables you to perform a great deal more tests and test scenarios than will ever be possible with manual testing. The savings here are more about cost avoidance through reduced system failures than they are about saving time.

Test automation will provide your manual testers to ability to test scenarios and features that they would not normally do. This has the added benefit of increasing the scope of your test case library. Don’t forget to review these new test cases for potential addition to the automated test suite.

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How Automated Software Testing Can Save Your Business Money A common myth associated with automated software testing is that it will somehow magically pay dividends


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