How Manual Testing is Done in Real-Time

Manual testing is the process in quality assurance whereby a tester uses their knowledge of software and applies this manually without the help of automation tools.Like any other type of software testing, manual testing is done to make sure that software is producing the desired outcome.

Some types of testing that can be done manually
  • Acceptance testing
  • Black Box testing
  • White Box testing
  • Unit testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing

These types of testing could also be performed automatically if the correct tools are acquired. The one area that is the sole province of manual testing is exploratory, sometimes this is referred to as playing with the software but is in fact much more sophisticated and vital than the name assumes.

Manual Testing in Real-Time

Manual testing is still the most common form of testing to be used by QA departments due to its relative ease and lack of need for specialized resource. This doesn’t mean that manual testing is easy or that it relies upon the testers knowledge and professionalism to ensure that the software is thoroughly and completely tested.All manual testing by its nature needs to be done in ‘real time’ using the application and data at hand, this means that the test systems need to be set up and ready to go prior to the effort commencing which can be a time-consuming task on its own.

Following is an example waterfall style process which deals with manual testing in a real-time environment:

  • The software requirement specification (SRS) is first studied to consider all possible manual testing scenarios
  • Modules assigned to the testers are used for test case development. Here the most important point is to make sure to check all fundamental test cases.
  • Modules undergo smoke testing. If it fails then testers re-assign them to developers for a fix
  • Manual bug tracking tool or excel is used to note all the important responses of software under question.
  • Past written test cases can also be used for manual testing of new software programs. In the case of any bug regression manual testing can be done.
  • All bugs logged in bug tracking tool will only be marked closed if a bug resolution is posted by the tester. In all other cases, the bug cycle repeats itself.

Manual integration and compatibility testing of modules are also carried out. Hardware, software, browsers and other platforms are deployed for this step.

Manual Testing Facts
  • Manual testing does not ensure a perfect product. The aim is to find as many defects as possible.
  • Using automation alone is not possible. Manual testing is almost always a component.
  • A larger portion of the organization can be involved in the different aspects of manual testing from developers at unit testing to business users during UAT.
Manual Testing Steps
  • Understanding the built-in functionalities.
  • Test planning.
  • Using well developed and understood testing techniques to create the relevant test cases.
  • Executing the manual tests in accordance with the test plan.
  • Collating and creating understandable test outcome reports.
  • Actual vs. expected result verification
  • Bug reporting.
  • Bug cycle reconciliation.
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How Manual Testing is Done in Real-Time Manual testing is the process in quality assurance whereby a tester uses their knowledge of software and applies this manually


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