Transform Your ERP Software Testing Implementation or Upgrade

Make your ERP testing wish a reality with an Easy Repeatable Process

Original Software’s automated, programming-free approach to system and load testing promises to re-shape the testing landscape. The shortcomings of existing technology are evident in the often poor quality software that is being delivered today.

Michael Azoff, Senior Research Analyst, Ovum Butler Group

Whether you are planning to implement or upgrade your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, the expectation is always the same; projects are going to get delayed!

On average 40% of the total application lifecycle is devoted to testing, a statistic that IT Managers already wish to streamline, so it’s no wonder that when it’s time for a new ERP software testing project, IT Management fear that it will impact production and delay meeting the demands of the business.

Your ERP system, whether it is SAPOracle or another leading brand, is business critical – you rely on it to receive orders, ship products, invoice customers, control financials, manage human resources and do so much more. With such a complex web of modules, integrations, configurations, extensions and customisations, undergoing continual change with patches and fixes, new module implementations and configuration changes, testing every change can seem like a daunting, time consuming and expensive activity!

The pressures on IT departments to rapidly support business initiatives; deliver more, quicker and more cost effectively means that the QA team are struggling to find ways to improve their application delivery times without compromising on quality.

Establish an Easy Repeatable Process with your ERP Upgrade

With SAP or Oracle testing, your team needs an easier way of replicating and documenting software defects. This will help increase the speed of development processes whilst ensuring correct functionality across all areas. A defect that is identified early in the development cycle can be significantly cheaper (up to 100x) to rectify than those that are not found until much later in the production of the software.

The testing of any SAP or Oracle system requires business process expertise in order to check that the application meets business expectations. This means relying on business users to test the upgraded system. For this to happen, your chosen solution must not only be easy to use, but it should also be able to capture the business process knowledge from the lines of business. Original Software offers a solution that is not code-driven and requires no programming skills by the users, empowering all users to define and execute their tests without the need to use any kind of code. Not only is our technology easy to use, but your quality process is accelerated, allowing for faster delivery of your business-critical SAP or Oracle projects.


Free business process documentation tool open to 5 private sector organisations in the USA and a further five in the UK, with a minimum of 1,000 employees.

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