Application Quality Management

Setting New Standards for Application Quality

Original Software has broken the mould in application quality. Not only do we drive down the cost and time of each project, but our dynamic solution empowers all stakeholders to be more effective, delivering a proven ROI in months and a lower TCO for customers.

Colin Armitage, CEO, Original Software

Today’s applications are becoming increasingly complex and are critical in providing competitive advantage to the business.

Failures in these key applications result in loss of revenue, goodwill and user confidence, and create an unwelcome additional workload in an already stretched environment.

Managers responsible for quality have to be able to implement processes and technology that will support these important business objectives in a pragmatic and achievable way, without negatively impacting current projects. These core needs are what inspired Original Software to innovate and provide a practical solution for Application Quality Management (AQM).

We have helped our customers achieve real successes by implementing an effective ‘application quality eco-system’ that delivers greater business agility, faster time to market, reduced risk, decreased costs, increased productivity and an early return on investment.

These successes have been built on a solution that provides a dynamic approach to quality management and automation, empowering all stakeholders in the quality process, as well as uniquely addressing all layers of your application stack. Automation has been achieved without creating a barrier of dependency on specialised skills and by minimizing ongoing maintenance burdens.

The Application Quality Management (AQM) Solution

The solution from Original Software has helped us to significantly reduce the business risk of poor quality.

Doug Goodwin, VP of Global Development, Euronet

Qualify is our unique solution for Application Quality Management (AQM) that unites all aspects of the software quality lifecycle from requirements through to deployment, providing an integrated approach to solving your management challenges.

Qualify spans all the departments in your quality process, providing a customisable infrastructure that supports all aspects of the process from requirements, to test planning, test case design, test execution and defect tracking, with full traceability. The rich collaboration functionality and highly customisable workflow enable you to optimise your quality process. The ability to view multiple projects across the whole organisation allows more efficient resource planning, speeding up your entire application quality process.

Please visit our Qualify product page here, if you would like to learn more about our Application Quality Management solution.


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