User Acceptance Testing - UAT

" Our end-users found the tools user friendly, easy to pick up and intuitive to use."

 Thomas Bjerregaard, Test Manager Ege

Would you like to automatically record actual tests executed with a complete audit trail of screens, clicks and data entered? How about fully documenting these tests automatically in Word format? Animated videos? Would you like to eliminate conversations between testers and developers caused by ambiguous write-ups?  Are your business testers in need of SIMPLE tools? Streamline and Improve the required “chore” of User Acceptance Testing with TestDrive-UAT!

How and Who

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the final stage in the software testing process but can be overlooked by companies who are eager to meet their deadlines. UAT is an important part of the process of delivering stable, effective software, and involves putting your program through real-world testing to ensure it can cope with all scenarios.

It’s the last stage in delivering a new piece of software or an update and is essential to ensure everything is working properly before release. In effect you are ensuring that the software supports your business and it is fit for purpose.

UAT is best performed by your target end users, and although this gives the best results, it also poses many challenges. Lack of time is one of them, and also using people who aren’t necessarily skilled at IT means it can be difficult for them to report bugs or to communicate the particular issue that they’re having.


UAT Software

TestDrive-UAT, makes the process of UAT so much easier and faster, enabling you to track and document all test activity. By automatically recording exactly what users have done, taking screenshots, and timing each process, we’ve made it easier than ever to generate reports under different formats (word, pdf, videos) and see how your software is performing.

TestDrive-UAT will monitor and capture only the applications the user wants it to. And it’s a breeze to monitor multiple applications concurrently – perfect for end-to-end testing across related applications. They can mark-up any screen along the way to make it clear what needs to be addressed.

If you have prescribed test steps you would like your users to follow, these steps can be fed to TestDrive-UAT which will prompt the user along the way with these steps – keeping them focused on the task at hand.

More Than Just UAT

Since TestDrive-UAT makes “telling the story” of what happens with an application so effective, our customers use it for much more than only User Acceptance Testing.  They use it for “Business Process Capture”.  Instead of capturing a broken path through the application, simply record the way it does work.  The resulting output (Animations, Word Docs, PDF, Movies) are perfect for system documentation and training materials

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