Test Automation

Automation is the application of control systems to repetitive activities so that human intervention is minimised or removed. Automation is often applied in manufacturing but can also be applied to the process of testing software. 

So, as its name suggests, Test Automation is the process of automating the execution of the testing for a product, in this case a software product. In the testing automation industry, the term ‘Test Automation’ is synonymous with ‘Automated Software Testing’.

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Why Automate Testing?

Test automation enables you to carry out software test repeatedly, with minimal intervention, at any time of the day, and as often as you desire or need. The advantages of automating your software testing are:

  • Removing the chances of human error in test executioner
  • Reducing tester’s ‘fatigue’
  • Tests can be run at any time of the day or night
  • Test execution time is reduced, speeding up the overall process
  • Tests can be repeated as often as necessary
  • Better defect identification
  • Increased scale of testing by testing many more scenarios

Achieving Test Automation

Test automation tools originated in a world that moved at a slower pace and applications did not change much over time. They required higly skilled and highly paid engineersto use the scripting languages.

By freeing automation from the burden of a script based on complex code, we can begin to imagine a solution that can be used by subject matter experts and not limited to developers. A solution that can adapt to changes in the application under test,  intelligent solution that inherently understands the application under test, removing the need to develop test execution logic in addition to the validation itself

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To support Test Automation, Original Software has created TestDrive-Assist, TestDrive and Qualify.TestDrive-Assist automates the documentation of manual testing and enables the quick and easy transition to full Test Automation with TestDrive. TestDrive requires no coding and no writing of scripts, speeding up the creation and maintenance of Test Automation.

Fast Test Automation over Multi User Interfaces

See how easy it is to perform a multiple UI automated test with TestDrive.  All achieved without any need for  code!

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