Test Automation

An effective test automation solution does not require programming or specialist skills. Tests can be built, understood and maintained by anyone. 

"We are executing about 650 different test scripts as part of our Regression packs using TestDrive and to have that in place is of enormous value to the business. The alternative would be to get people out of their day jobs and run tests manually and we are just not in a position where we can do that."

Phil Court, Head of Technology Delivery at Marston's Plc

The  need for Test Automation has never been stronger.   Off-the-Shelf as well as custom built applications are being put into production faster than ever.  Major upgrades and minor patches need to be applied as soon as possible.  Without effective and timely Test Automation, you will fall further and further behind – or you will take tremendous risks without sufficient testing.

Now everyone knows this, yet relatively few have achieved high levels of automation without tremendous effort and institutional commitment.  Why is that?

Old test automation software is flawed

The way Test Automation has been done for years is fundamentally flawed.  It takes almost as much effort to create and maintain Test Automation as it does to develop and enhance the systems being tested.  It’s just too hard and costly.

Effective Test Automation

  • Increases the scope, scale & coverage of your testing  which equates to reduced risk.
  • Reduce time to market or go live. Save time & money as well as satisfying compliance and audit requirements.
  • Reduce reliance on the human element (read error) by using people where their skills add most value and at the right time.

A Test Automation solution from Original Software.

Designed for use by business people 

Not coders trying to be business people.  Automation can be created quickly  from scratch or from prior manual tests, while being robust, easy to build, easy to maintain and code-free. 

Extend and enhance

Simple tests can be extended and enhanced to more extensive regression tests or maintained to take account of changes in the UI or processes. Accelerate the creation, maintenance and execution of automated scripts. 


Test all those interconnected systems regardless of  technology and architecture.  Web, GUI ,Green screen can all be tested together, ensuring a change in one application doesn’t have an adverse effect on another.

How to guides

Take a look at these simple walk throughs of  the processes that leads to success.

Build a regression test pack

Run a regression test pack


Test automation success at Edrington

 How Edrington successfully automated their testing processes, enabling a modernisation that effected more change in twelve months than had taken place in the previous ten to twenty years. Watch or download the transcript

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