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"With the deadline rapidly approaching, it was imperative that we were ready on time and with zero defects. Using TestBench saved us time and got us there faster, giving us complete confidence for the future."

Andrew Clarke, IT Director, HMV Europe

Data is at the heart of any enterprise application and test data is the heart of a good test environment. Our Test Data Management solution will address the issues of disk space, data verification, data confidentiality and protracted test durations. Control and management of the test data ensures that every test starts with a consistent data state which is essential in maintaining your data in a predictable state at the end of the test.
Checking both visible test results and the database effects is a key principle of AQM (Application Quality Management), a task which is practically impossible to accomplish manually.

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What Are The Challenges of Test Data Management?

Test data is the static or transactional information that is used during the testing process. It is essential that this information accurately reflects the data that is, or will be, supporting your business.

The, all too common, practice of using a ‘copy of production’ introduces a number of issues that are solved by our solutions:

  • Size – Production databases are large. This means that you are limited to the number of test environments you can host. It also means it is harder for testers to find relevant data to test with and certain processes, such as Month-End procedures, can take a very long time to run. With so much data it can be hard to ‘see the wood for the trees’ when looking for issues.
  • Data Confidentiality / Security – With regulations such as HIPAA, and more recently GDPR, it is wholly inappropriate to use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in a test data environment. Even if you are not subject to such regulations, it is generally accepted as a ‘best practice’ to deidentify sensitive information.
  • Missing Scenarios – Production data taken at a point in time may not necessarily cover all potential data scenarios and therefore tests may fail to uncover issues.

Solving The Challenges

TestBench, from Original Software, supports AQM with a suite that uniquely controls, tests and manages the data required for effective testing together with the server-side effects of the test.

Testing on live data is now a thing of the past with the creation of subsets that retain referential integrity, providing a perfect miniature copy of the live environment. When TestDrive is used in conjunction with sub-setting, specific scenarios can be created to support the testing.

Data scrambling and pseudonymisation, along with auto-analysis, data manipulation and extraction reports for auditing, means you can be confident your testing processes will be fully compliant with all regulatory controls.


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The Benefits of Test Data Management

The main benefits of test data management are found in time saving and test coverage. If test data is easily and quickly available, then the overall QA life-cycle can be completed faster. This leads to a quicker route to market or more time for extensive testing thereby improving quality.

By using test data management, the data used is more accurate and this leads to more ‘live’ type defects being found before release and allows more realistic test cases to be used. If test data can be correctly cut down to include only the essential data, then more environments can be created to complete the testing without the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

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