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With global mobile phone subscriptions approach 8 billion  a large percentage of your website visitors or software users are going to use mobile technology in their daily life. Offering a mobile version of your site in addition to  in addition to desktop utilisation or a specialist app, you could therefore increase the number of potential customers for your product.

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Mobile Application Testing


Mobile application testing refers to the process of ensuring a mobile app or website works on the intended mobile device or across platforms. There are a range of mobile app testing tools that can be used to automate the process and manual testing is also used at certain points.


The process of application testing usually involves preparing test cases and running both manual and automated processes. Perhaps the most important aspect of an app or mobile website test is checking usability. Download speed, installation, display, functionality and speed are all things that need to be considered when deciding whether you are meeting your target. This is why accurate reporting is so important, and developers will often go back to the testing stage to try different things to improve performance.



The Challenges of Mobile Testing


A major challenge of mobile software testing is ensuring that the tests are run across the large number of platforms. There are a growing number of smartphones, tablets, readers and other mobile devices on the market and end users will expect your site or app to work on their particular device. This means you’re working with different screen sizes, resolutions and performance levels.

Mobile testing needs to really take into account the needs of the end user and how they use their mobile device. Issues such as data consumption, the amount of processing power used and how much battery life will be consumed, are all essential when thinking about making a user friendly app. Since most devices are touchscreen, the testing process is going to be different to point and click applications used on a laptop or PC and you may also be adding functionality such as GPS which poses additional challenges

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Mobile Testing Solutions

TestDrive by Original Software offers simple, cost effective testing of responsive web applications. Its code-free scripting environment enables rapid test creation coupled with execution over a wide variety of emulated environments, such as Apple, Blackberry, Google, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and other popular devices.


Mobile Website Testing, how can you ensure your website renders correctly on a multitude of devices

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