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Upgrades of core operational systems like ERP and CRM and so on are long, expensive and painful. A key reason is that the knowledge of what the system needs to do resides with users in finance, HR, sales, and service, etc.

The IT department has to refer to these users frequently, but access is limited, causing project time frames and costs to balloon. Original Software enables you to automatically document how to perform a business process.

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Business Process Documentation & Training Materials

When any of the TestDrive products are used to support testing, the result is a full audit trail which completely documents all the business use cases.

For many companies a complete capture of these business processes is a unique and valuable asset which can help address multiple business challenges.

Increasingly our customers are using TestDrive specifically for this purpose, completely outside the testing arena.

During and after the capture process the user can enhance the content with comments and mark-ups (balloon text) to further explain and enhance the content.

Detailed Reports

Document the entire test or business process in clear English with automatic screen shots and annotated mark-ups while every user action is described in the manner that a user understands, free of technical jargon and based on our patented User Interface Annotation.

This can be used to create process manuals, check methods and help with training.

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Training Materials

The reports make a great training tool as produced by TestDrive. They are generated as Microsoft Word documents, so that it is easy to provide additional details to be added to create a complete training or business process manual.


An animation can be generated from any TestDrive result. Animations give a complete, active, representation of what happened during the business process.

These animations can be enhanced with credits, bubble text and custom descriptions of each action.

The animations are held in in a custom file format that is a fraction of the size of a full video file and a free animation viewer is included so they are easily and cheaply distributed.

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Best practice AQM calls for an  easy to use means of  organising and managing all  testing activities . This can be a  critical element of  streamlining project sizing and test planning.

TestDrive-UAT can also produce full video files of each test or captured business process.

These videos are considerably larger than the animations but can be hosted in all locations that support standard industry video formats enabling you to create a complete video library for staff training and reference purposes.

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